Car Auctions

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Here we provide direct access to all of the Japan car auctions where you can view  thousands vehicles for sale every day. Over 150,000 per week! Use the  auction search filter to quickly find the exact vehicles you’re looking for.

You can compare recent sales data, do market research and hand-pick vehicles specific to your regions requirements.

You’ll also be able to place proxy bids on vehicles and communicate directly with the auction bidder in English.

Our on-line auction coverage includes all of the USS, JU, KCAA, BCN, BEI-AUC, LAA, ZIP, HANATEN, HAA & TAA and their associated auction groups.

To purchase direct from any auction our services fees are as follows; pls note that the auction charges a buyer success fee of Y10,000 per vehicle. This is added to the car cost.

Auction FOB Service Fees   

0 ~ 1,000,000 = Y85,000 FOB

1mil yen ~ 1.5 mil yen = 125,000 FOB

1.5 mil yen ~ 2 mil yen plus = 150,000 FOB

2 mil plus = 200,000 FOB

The FOB service fee covers (taxes, In-land transport to shipping port, customs declaration, pre-export inspection, B/L and doc fees & courier fees) Basically all Japan side costs.
(*Oversize vehicles >18m3 or larger will attract an additional in-land transport fees of Y35,000
Furthermore,non-drivable vehicle will attract an additional Y45,000 as they must be collected and transported by single flat loader winched transporter trucks.).

For C&F rate or containerized shipments – Pls contact us for an obligation free quote. .

For more information please click one of the following links.



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