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Motorbike Exports

When exporting motorcycles there are a couple of sourcing options. Option 1) is for us to agree on a price and we'll source the motorcycles for you via our supplier network or Option 2) you can buy directly from auction.


We provide direct on-line access to Japan's largest motorcycle auction networks - both BDS & JBA which are auctions held twice weekly with an average 8,000 ~ 10,000 motorcycles up for bid. 


You can buy 1 or 100 bikes, meaning there is no minimum order quantity.


For Single one-off purchases, For bikes purchased less than 500,000 JPY - Our FOB is 45,000 yen. This covers all costs including the auc fee & transport within Kansai. (it does not include shipping) 


For shipments via container, we can load 40~50 units into a 20-Ft and approx 80~100 into a 40-Ft  (See cost and service fees below*)


Successful bids - Motorcycles are transported to our holding yard in Kyoto in preparation for export.  


Bulk Orders by Container | Breakdown of Costs


BDS auctions charge a buyers fee which varies depending on the value.

Sales tax 8% is claimable by us the exporter, so you will not be charged


Transport fees from Kansai auction to our yard costs Y3,500 (US$30.00)  Transport from the Tohoku or Yokohama region costs approx. Y14,000 ~ Y18,000


For bulk orders, we charge all costs at net, and then a service fee of Y250,000 for a 20-Ft container and Y350,000 per 40-Ft. 


*To maximise loading capacity, a wooden deck is built inside the container, which enables us to load a second layer of motorbikes on top. The timber cost is Y50,000 and is included in the service fee. 


*Drayage of 125,000 is the cost to transport the container to our Kyoto yard for loading, and then return it to the port for shipping. This is a per container charge.


Auction Buyers Fee Scale


UNIT COST      AUC FEES   DELIVERY - (Kansai*)    
0 ~             5,000        3,500    
50,000 ~             6,000        3,500    
100,000 ~             7,500        3,500    
200,000 ~             8,000        3,500    
300,000 ~             9,000        3,500    
400,000 ~             9,500        3,500    
500,000 ~            10,000        3,500    
600,000 ~            11,000        3,500    
700,000~           12,000        3,500    



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