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On-Line Car Auctions

Here we provide direct access to all of the Japan car auctions. View thousands of cars, trucks and commercials for sale every day --- Over 150,000 each week! 


Compare recent sales results, do market research and hand-pick vehicles specific to your needs. Place proxy bids and communicate directly with the auction bidder in English.


Our on-line auction coverage includes all of the USS, JU, KCAA, BCN, BEI-AUC, LAA, ZIP, HANATEN, HAA, TAA, ARAI, UMAX and their associated auction groups.


Our View-only service is free, however, if you wish to place live bids, you'll first need to pay a bond-deposit of Y100,000 (US$1000) or 25% of your bid value. 

Your bond deposit will be credited toward your purchase or refunded in full should you decide to end this service.  


Sucessful bids: Vehicles will be transported directly to the nearest port for shipment by ro/ro, however if being shipped by container, then the vehicles will be delivered to our Kyoto yard for container loading. 

Any vehicles purchased for parts, will also be delivered to our Kyoto parts factory for dismantling. 


Note: JAP Express does not own the auctioned cars, we simply provide direct on-line auction access and offer a buy and export service on your behalf. 



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