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Parts Exports by Container


JAP Express is an auto-parts export specialist. We run 3 recycle and dismantling yards here in Kyoto, where we strip cars and parts for export by container.

Currently, we supply customers in New Zealand, Australia, East Timor, Kiribati, Hawaii, Maldives, Jamaica, D.R, Trinidad, Syria & Kazakhstan.


 We provide a complete Supply---Strip---Load & Ship auto-parts container service based in Kyoto Japan.


Contact us about your car and auto-parts needs, Simply send us your auto-parts list and we'll source the cars/parts , load the container and arrange the shipping for you.



For those of you who want to come to Japan and do the containers yourself, here’s what we offer… (Conditions Apply*)





Vehicles being dismantled for parts and shipped  by container  - our service fees are as follows


A) Cars bought from auction: Car cost + auc fee + recycle tax (which is not claimable) + transport to our factory + C&L (Cut & Load) @ Y30,000  - -


  1. VISA - We’ll provide you with a visa letter of invitation  
  2. Clean and comfortable accommodation (Pending availability*)
  3. Mobile Wifi access - Free
  4. We have 3 fully licensed dismantling yards 
  5. We supply all tools, forklifts and container loading equipment 
  6. Direct access to all Japan car auctions
  7. Source cars for dismantling from our own stock
  8. Be hands-on when your cars are dismantled & container loaded
  9. Then leave the shipping to us –
  10. Work hard then enjoy beautiful Japan. Kyoto is the no. 1 tourist destination for culture, food, sights & nightlife    


On average, the total service fee when sourcing cars from auction w/in the Kansai region is approx. Y80,000 ~  Note: 'This does not include the cost of the vehicle'   



Cars selected from our stock include all costs, including the cut and load fee. 


*The above rates are for standard Japanese type vehicles, it does not cover trucks, commercial vehicles or European cars which are much more complex to dismantle and load. 


Drayage: which is the cost to transport the container from port to our yard for loading and then return it to the port for shipping is Y125,000 per container (both 20ft & 40ft) 


Bond Deposit: To confirm an order, we require a bond-deposit. Y500,000 for a 20ft container and Y1 mil yen for a 40ft.  We will then gather stock to twice the value of your bond and if exceeded, an additional payment will be required. 


Final invoice issued once the container is fully loaded and doors sealed. You will also be given a complete packing list and scanned copy of the B/L 


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