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Rent-A-Car Japan  


If you’ve ever tried to rent a car as a foreigner in Japan then you’ll already know how frustrating it can be. First there’s the language barrier and then a mountain of red-tape and paper work.


At most rental companies, you’ll need a valid int’l driver’s license, passport and proof of a residential address -- Yes, a residential address, NOT a Hotel -- which if you can’t produce one, you’ll need to turn up with a Japanese national who's willing to sign as your personal guarantor – 

In the event of an accident he/she will become legally liable. Needless to say, finding such a willing person is near impossible.


At JAP Express, we’ve chopped through the painful paperwork and streamlined the process making renting a car quick and easy. 


Our office staff speak English, Japanese, German & Russian and in most cases we can have you on your way within minutes.


Pick up and drop off can be arranged at major train stations within Kansai by appointment.


Quick Check List

1. Do you have a valid int'l drivers licence?

2. Do you have a valid passport?

3. Do you have a credit card?

4. If you've answered yes to these 3 questions then yes, we can help


Contact us here or email us at [email protected]


Ask about our Kids chairs, Booster seats, in-car Wif & Navi systems*  

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