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Yahoo Auction

There are literally millions of automotive parts and accessories being sold on Japan's Yahoo auction.

Here we display the Yahoo auction data in English and provide a world-wide buying and delivery service.  


Search the yahoo auction, find what you need and then send us the link. We'll buy it, re-pack it and send it by air-freight or otherwise load it into your container as inner-cargo.


Service Fees

Yahoo Auction Cost                                           @ Net

Domestic Delivery                                              @ Net

Fee - items less than < Y20,000                      4,000 (*Includes bank transfer fee)

Fee - items greater than > Y20,000               + 20%


Note: Items which are to be loaded in your own container as inner-cargo, will not incur any further costs. 


Items which are being sent by air-freight, will be re-packed to ensure safety during transit and also to reduce size and weight - Reducing size and weight will also reduce air-freight delivery cost. *Re-package fee Y3,500  



Delivery by EMS Express courier, to see rates click here


Yahoo Auction in Japanese 

Yahooo Auction in English


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