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When shipping vehicles from Japan you have a couple of options, ship cars individually by Ro/Ro (the car drives on and off) or by container. 


Containerised shipping allows you to load multiple vehicles saving you precious time and money.


JAP Express is a containerized shipping specialist, we use ISO 9001 certified steel and nylon fastening systems which meet all int’l bio-security regulations.


Depending on size and shape you can load up to 6 passenger size vehicles into a single 40ft HQ container which spreads the delivery cost and providing the vehicles are loaded or vanned correctly, the risk of in-transit damage is minimal.  


Here's a step-by-step view on how we load your container...


1. Vehicles are elevated using special forklifts which position the vehicle to the exact desired angle and height


2. Once in position, the suspension is wired closed to prevent the suspension dropping and potentially damaging the vehicle beneath.


3. The suspended vehicle is held securely in place by 9mm steel wire which is attached to the stronghold points w/in the container by steel turnbuckles. The 9mm wire is secured by bolted shackles which are always doubled-up as an added precaution.


4. To stop the suspended vehicle from swaying laterally, we use a 32mm cord-strap nylon strapping which is ISO 9001 certified and has a break strength of 1.7tons.


5. Vehicles at floor level have their wheels firmly secured with tire stoppers and the same nylon strapping system is used to securely fasten the vehicle inside the container.



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