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Japan Motorcycle Auctions & Exports

JAP Express offers direct online access to Japan's largest motorcycle auction network BDS, JBA & I-AUC which combined, offer appprox. 5,000 ~ 8,000 motorcycles for sale weekly.  To create an account and access the Japan motorcycle auctions click here


Rates vary depending on volume,  delivery method and shipping destination. See below for details. 


For Japan domestic sales - We provide access to BDS, JBA & I-AUC auctions to Japan buyers. We charge all costs at net, + 10% sales tax and the transport cost to your home or yard - JAP Express charges a service fee of Y35,000 per bike.

We'll email you a copy of the auction receipt along with our invoice which will confirm all net costs.     


For customers who are regularly shipping containers with us, you can purchase motorcycles which we'll load into your container. *Sales tax will not be added as we can claim this back after export. All costs are changed at net  + Y35,000  




Depending On Size we can load approx. 35 ~ 40 units into a 20-Footer and approx. 80~100 into a 40-Ft container.


When buying from auction the follow costs apply;

  1. The auction charges a buyers fee per bike, which varies depending on the value.
  2. Sales tax of 10% is claimable by us the exporter, so you will not be charged
  3. Transport fees from Kansai auction to our yard costs Y3,500 (US$30.00)  & transport from the Tohoku or Yokohama region which is 800kms away will costs approx. Y14,000 ~ Y16,000

*For container lots of Motorcycles, our we charge all costs at NET plus Y10,000 per bike which includes the 30 day storage, container drayage, loading, plus construction of timper deck inside container and Japan side customs entry - Or if less than 30 motorbikes are to be loaded, then our minimum service fee is 300,000 JPY 


(NOTE: Drayage cost per container is normally Y120,000 and there is also a cost to build a plywood upper deck inside the container to allow for a top layer of motorbikes to be loaded - which the timber alone costs Y55,000) - this is included in the 10,000 yen per bike service fee.

Furthermore, we provide 30 days free storage and thereafter US$5 per bike per week*



Auction Buyers Sucess Fee Scale


UNIT COST      AUC FEES   DELIVERY - (Kansai*)    
0 ~             5,000        3,500    
50,000 ~             6,000        3,500    
100,000 ~             7,500        3,500    
200,000 ~             8,000        3,500    
300,000 ~             9,000        3,500    
400,000 ~             9,500        3,500    
500,000 ~            10,000        3,500    
600,000 ~            11,000        3,500    
700,000~           12,000        3,500    


Customers who are actively bidding on either our car auctions or motorcycle auctions may use this service free of charge - - - However, for those customers who are using the system for research, and price comparisons etc, we charge a monthly subscription fee of Y1,000 or Y10,000 per year which can be paid by Paypal. (New subscribers may enjoy FREE access for 30 days) 



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