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On-Line Car Auctions


Here we provide direct access to all of the Japan car auctions. View thousands of cars, trucks and commercials for sale every day --- Over 150,000 each week! 


Compare recent sales results, do market research and hand-pick vehicles specific to your needs. Place proxy bids and communicate directly with the auction bidder in English.


Our on-line auction coverage includes all of the USS, JU, KCAA, BCN, BEI-AUC, LAA, ZIP, HANATEN, HAA, TAA, ARAI, UMAX and their associated auction groups.


Our View-only service is free, however, if you wish to place live bids, you'll first need to pay a bond-deposit of Y100,000 (US$1000) or 25% of your bid value. 

Your bond deposit will be credited toward your purchase or refunded in full should you decide to end this service.  


Sucessful bids: Vehicles will be transported directly to the nearest port for shipment by ro/ro, however if being shipped by container, then the vehicles will be delivered to our Kyoto yard for container loading. 


*Any vehicles purchased for parts, will also be delivered to our Kyoto parts factory for dismantling. 


Note: JAP Express does not own the auctioned cars, we simply provide direct on-line auction access and offer a buy and export service on your behalf. 



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