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If you’re looking for genuine OEM factory parts and need them urgently, then you’ve come to the right place.






Japan Car Parts:

We have direct links to all new car part departments and can supply all parts for all Cars, Trucks and Commercial vehicles built in the past 30 years (1990 onward…)


Euro Car Parts: We limit the supply of European car parts to vehicles which have been exported by us only. The reason is bc our Euro part suppliers require a copy of the Japan de-registration certificate to ensure a perfect match. We keep a copy of this document on file for the cars exported by us   


Courier Air-freight Delivery:

We use EMS for air-freight express delivery who from our experience is the fastest and most affordable. EMS does however have a weight and size restriction - Packages cannot exceed 30kgs nor exceed 1.5mters in length. Parts which exceed this must be sent by DHL or other click 


Size & Weight Restrictions:

When shipping goods by EMS the package cannot exceed 30kgs nor exceed 1.5mters in length. Parts which exceed this must be sent by DHL or other. click


Delivery Time:

In most cases the part can be dispatched within 24 hours of payment and delivery by EMS and DHL will take approx. 4 to 5 days



For ease of payment and to speed delivery, you can pay by bank transfer or by Paypal


Prohibited Goods – What cannot be sent by Air-freight?

Apart from the obvious dangers goods, flammable, explosive, fuels, oils, Lithium batteries etc – Items which contain compressed air are also prohibited. This includes pre-tensioner  seatbelts, SRS air-bags, shock absorbers. click 


Fragile Parts*

Although we ensure careful packaging prior to dispatch, we cannot control what happens after the package leaves our depo. For this reason, fragile parts such as glass, head  and tail lamps are supplied on an All care No responsibility basis.  


Ensuring a Perfect match

To ensure a perfect match we require the VIN or Chassis number of the actual vehicle the part is being sourced for. Each VIN & chassis number has the parts info encoded which is utilized to pin-point the exact part required. If we have any doubts, we’ll send you the parts diagram to identify the yourself.


Genuine factory OEM Parts?

All parts supplied by us (both NEW & USED) are genuine factory OEM parts.


Keys & Remote Immobilizers

In an effort to halt vehicle theft, Japan car manufactures will not supply keys or immobilizers for any vehicle unless we supply the vehicle registration document proving that we are the current legal owner. Without this, No we cannot supply key, or any similar item which give internal access to the vehicle.


Used Auto Parts?

Yes, We have a vast network of used auto-part suppliers and wholesalers and can source most parts second hand. 


Engine & Transmissions by Air-freight?

Engines and transmission are too heavy to send by air-freight, furthermore they require a purge certificate which is costly and problematic. We do have hundreds of engines available for export by either LCL or FCL container shipment


Bulk Parts – LCL & FCL

JAP EXPRESS operates a fully licenced dismantling auto-parts factory based in Kyoto’s industrial zone (Yawata). Here we provide a complete Supply---Strip---Load  and Ship Auto-parts service with shipment by 20ft & 40ft container.


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