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  • Long Term Storage

    We offer a long-term storage plan - 30 days free storage then Y20,000 (US$150.00) p/month thereafter. Vehicles stored long-term are prone to fuel tank and fuel pump issues, We recommend filling the tank to full, and adding a stabilizer which will prevent the fuel from deteriorating over long term, and protect the the fuel tank and pump from corrosion - (Highly recommended and will cost Y20,000)

    24/7 365 surveillance with full undercover secure warehouse storage -- Contact us for more details.

  • Marine Insurance & Claims

    All care and expertise is afforded when loading your container, However the open sea can be extremally unpredictable which is why we ship all containers with marine insurance* In the rare and unlikely event where in-transit damage occurs, You must provide satisfactory photo and video evidence to prove that damage did in-fact happen during transit.

    From our 20 years experience, container damage is more often caused during the devanning (unloading) process. To ensure absolute care is given during devanning, we strongly recommend that you the consignee be present during the unloading and follow these steps;  

    1. Be present prior to the container doors being opened

    2. If you notice any damage, you must take clear photos before attempting to unload the container

    3. You should also take a video whilst they remove the cars 

    4. Send photo of the container door showing the containers allotted number

    5. Contact your account manager immediately 

  • Storage & Fees

    Our storage facility is under 24/7 camera and security surveillance. Day 1 begins once the vehicle arrives to our holding yard. We provide 30 days free storage, thereafter Y500 per day per vehicle.   

  • Shipping of EV vehicles?


    Global shipping lines have banned EV's and PHEV vehicles. A major reason for this ruling is due to a fire which broke out onboard a MOL vessel the Felicity Ace which sank in the Atlantic.  The cause of the fire was traced back to an EV vehicle.  

    The only current option is to ship with Hapag Lloyd (HPL) - however cars must be shipped as dangerous goods and will attract a DG surcharge of US$1300.00 per container.  Good are shipped by standard 40ft HQ container with no restrictions on the number of cars to be loaded. 

  • Can I trans-ship my container to port Addu or Kulhudhuffushi?

    All ocean freight quotes provided by JAP EXPRESS are to port Male ONLY. 

    If you wish to trans-ship your container from Male to other ports, then you will need to contact your local shipping agent  (e.g. One World Logistics) 

    A round trip voyage from Male to Addu or Kulhudhuffushi will cost  approx MRV 55,000 + 6% GST | Total MVR 58,300  (Approx US$3,700.00 GST incl*) 

    JAP Express cannot simply change the "Port of Discharge" without paying the additional trans-shipment freight costs.  

    For more information contact your local agent