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  • How long does shipping take?

    Normally the sailing time is approx 30 ~35 days, but this may change depenidng on shipping line - We currently use CMA-CGM, Hapag-Lioyd, Maersk, Cosco and MOL 

  • How many cars can you load per container?

  • What are the costs?

    1. Whatever price the car sells for at auction is the price you pay, even if you bid more, you will only pay the auction sold price  

    for cars under 1 mil yen, our FOB service fee is 100,000 JPY per vehicle , higher priced cars will attract a higher fee    

    2. If you're buying parts then we add a flat 15% free on top

    3. The drayage cost is 120,000 JPY per container  - NOT per car (Drayage is the in-land transport to deliver the container from the port for loading and then return it to the port for shipping) 

    4. Ocean freight fluctuates but generally costs US$6500 per 40ft container , Ocean freight costs have spiked during covid but hopefully we'll see a reduction soon. 

  • Can we mix and match the goods inside the container?

    Yes absolutely, we can load cars, Auto-Parts , Motorcycles anything you like providing its legal 

  • How many cars can you load per container?

    In a 20ft container 2 units and pending size we can load 5 - 6 into a 40ft