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Direct access to Japans largest Motorcycle Auction Network

We offer direct on-line access to Japan's largest motorcycle network BDS, JBA & I-AUC with a combined inventory of 8,000 ~ 10,000 motorcycles for sale weekly. 

Subscribe:  Here you can subscribe and gain 30 day free access. For regular bidding/buying customers you may continue to use this service free of charge. However, for those who use our system for research and price comparisons etc, we charge an annual fee of  Y20,000 which can be paid by Paypal.

Bond Deposit: before placing bids we require a bond deposit of 25% - Your deposit is secure and will be credited towards your first purchase or otherwise refunded in full should you decide to opt out.    

MOQ: the minimum order quantity is by 20ft or 40ft container - We do not ship one-off single motorbikes

Transport & Storage: For successful bids the bikes will be transported to our holding yard to await container loading. It often takes a few weeks to collect sufficient bikes to make up an order, so we provide free 30 day storage, thereafter storage will cost US$5.00 p/week per motorcycle.  

Container Loading:  Depending on size we can load approx. 35 ~ 40 units into a 20-Footer and approx. 80 ~100 into a 40-Ft container. To maximize loading capacity, we build a second level decking inside the container using heat treated timber which enables us to load bikes on a second level. 

Shipping: Once container vanning (aka loading) is complete, we'll send the container to the port and process it through Japan side customs for clearance - then ship the container to the port nearest you. 

Documents & Follow Up: Once final payment is confirmed, the shipping documents including the Packing list, Bill of Ladings, Quarantine Declarations etc will be sent to you by express courier. 

For Japan Domestic Sales:  Yes you can buy 1 bike or as many as you like. We charge you  the auction purchase price plus 10% sales tax (shohisei) plus transport cost to you at net.  Our service and handling fee is Y35,000 per bike. We'll email you a copy of the auction receipt along with our invoice which will confirm all net costs.

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