Motorcycle Auctions

We offer direct on-line access to Japan's largest motorcycle network BDS, JBA & I-AUC with a combined inventory of 8,000 ~ 10,000 motorcycles for sale weekly.

Subscribe: You can subscribe here to get 30 days free access. For regular bidding/buying customers you can continue to use this service free of charge.

MOQ: minimum order quantity is by 20ft or 40ft container - We do not ship one-off single motorbikes

Transport & Storage: For successful bids, we'll arrange payment to the auction and transport to our Kyoto holding yard to await container loading. It often takes a few weeks to collect sufficient bikes to make up an order, so we provide free 30 day storage, thereafter storage will cost US$5.00 p/week per motorcycle.

Container Loading: Depending on size we can load approx. 35 ~ 40 units into a 20-Footer and approx. 80 ~100 into a 40-Ft container. To maximize loading capacity, we build a second level decking inside the container which enables us to safely load bikes on an upper level.

Shipping: Once container vanning (aka loading) is complete, we'll ship the container to the port nearest you.

Documentation: Once final payment is confirmed, all documents Bill of Ladings, Shipping docs etc will be sent to you by express courier.

Pricing: You'll only pay the net cost of each bike which includes the auction buy fee and transport to our yard - PLUS our service fee*

Our Service Fee is USD $200 p/bike and includes;

a). 30-day storage
b). Cntr drayage (aka cartage) to our yard and back to the port (normally Y150,000 p/cntr)
c). Timber and materials required to build an upper deck to enable maximize loading capacity (normally Y100,000)

d). Cntr loading and vanning service (normally 3~4 men 2 full days).

(*the Ocean freight and THC is not included)

Bond Deposit: before placing bids we require a bond deposit of 25% of your intended spend value - Your deposit is secure and will be credited towards your first purchase or otherwise refunded in full should you decide to opt out.

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