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 JDM Export specialist, we’ve shipped hundreds of JDM cars Skylines, Silvia’s Celica, Supra’s to racers, collectors, and enthusiasts just like you.

We offer direct online access to all Japan car auctions enabling you to hand-pick your next JDM car. View over 150,000 vehicles sold every week. 

We handle everything including the auctions, in-land transport, Japan customs entry, pre-export inspections, and all the red-tape to ship your car to the port nearest you.

Japanese Domestic Market vehicles, or more commonly known as JDM cars have grown in popularity and global demand is at an all-time high. 

Most countries have a regulation loop-hole allowing you to import 20 ~ 25-year-old JDM vehicles, However recently there have been allot of non-performance cars (SUV's, Vans Cars)  that are being sought after by JDM fans. 

Place bids, get a detailed auc sheet translations and communicate directly with the auction inspectors and bidders in English - We'll buy the cars for you then take care of the entire export and delivery process.   

Our auction inspection and bidding team are ready to help guide you through the auction bidding buying process. 

Generally speaking, JDM vehicles must be 20-25 years old (to the month). Cars that are not yet eligible can often be bought much-much cheaper. -- JAP Express offers a long-term storage plan - 30 days free storage then US$5.00 per day thereafter. Contact us for more details.

Shipping to HAWAII or USA Mainland? No problem, we provide Ro/Ro and containerized shipping services to Honolulu and all ports throughout the mainland.

For Hawaii, we've got a super quick shipping service departing on the 25th of each month with a sailing time of only 10 ~ 12 days! 

For shipping and sailing times for other ports throughout Mainland USA, see the FAQs below.

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  • What is the sailing time to Mainland USA?

    There are different ports across the states: 

    Tacoma = 12-14 Days 

    Long Beach = 14-21 Days 

    Jacksonville = 35-45 Days 

    Galveston = 45-53 Days 

    Freeport/Baltimore/Savannah = 30-35 Days

    New York = 40-45 Days 

    Everglades = 42-45 Days 

    Guam = 5-10 Days

  • Where do I pay the bond deposit?

    You can send the bond deposit by paypal to Sales@jap-express.com 

    Otherwise by int'l bank transfer click here   

  • What is Shodan?

    What Is Auction Shodan?

    If a car does not sell – we can often negotiate with the auction via a service called SHODAN which in Japanese means 'to negotiate'. We need to offer 10,000 yen above the highest real-bid then the guys at shodan will contact the seller and If he agrees we get to buy it. If successful, shodan charges a service fee of 26,000 yen - however there is no charge if the shodan is unsuccessful. 

  • Auction Grading Explained

    Each car is independently Inspected and appraised on a scale of 1 - 5  

    Grade A / -1 / 0 = Accident grade cars

    R/A = Accident repaired

    2.0 Will always be rusty with corrosion  

    3.0 Expect the car to be fair to poor untidy condition

    3.5 Minor flaws but overall good

    4.0 Very clean and tidy

    4.5 Excellent condition

    5.0 As new

    The vehicles interior is also independently graded by the auction as A, B, C and D.

    Another thing to be wary of is the odometer readings. If you see any of these marks next to the odometer reading – # * $ ? beware! This means the odometer has either been wound, or the meter cluster swapped. 

  • Long Term Storage

    Generally speaking JDM vehicles must be older than 20 or 25 years (to the month) to be eligable for import. Cars which are not yet eligible for export can often be bought much cheaper. -- JAP Express provides a bonded storage plan offering 30 days free storage then US$5.00 per-day thereafter. Ask your account manager for more details.

  • Transport of Lowered cars | Aero body kits

    Lowered cars with aero body kits, must be transported from auction-to-port using a single flat loader transport trucks, which incur additional delivery fees.

    (Within Kansai region plus Y45,000 , Outside Kansai including Yokohama, Tokyo area add Y65,000)

  • Can I buy accident or non-driving cars?

    All cars being shipped Ro/ro must be drivable, if not, then the car must be shipped by container.  

  • Can I buy a 25 oy/old car and import it to USA?

    Yes,  All the cars must be at least 25 years old to the month