Auction Coverage

 JAP Express provides direct access to all Japan car auctions, with over 150,000 cars offerd for sale weekly. See our daily auction coverage below.   

Customers who are buying cars for shipment by container or for dismantling for export as bulk-parts , we recommend targeting vehicles from within the Kansai region which reduces transport costs to our loading and dismantling factory in Kyoto. The auctions in green are all within the Kansai region.

 Although All auctions will have a truck & commercial section, some auctions are deadicated trucks & commercial auctions  which are identified by the red marker. 

We also have staff who attend most of the major auctions and can provide a pre-purchase vehicle inspection.  Talk to your account manager for details



Honda Kansai

Honda Nagoya

Honda Sendai

Honda Tokyo

JU Tokyo

Nissan Osaka


Arai Kenki

CAA Gifu

CAA Tohoku

CAA Tokyo

JU Aomori

JU Fukui

JU Mie

JU Nagano

JU Saitama

JU Shizuoka

JU Yamaguchi

NAA Fukuoka

NIPS Osaka Tender

ORIX Kobe Tender

TAA Hiroshima

TAA Kinki

TAA Hiroshima

TAA Kyushu

TAA Minami Kyushu

TAA Shikoku

USS Yokohama

USSR Aichi-Nagoya



Bay Auc

CAA Chubu



Isuzu Tokyo


JU Akita

JU Ibaraki

JU Ishikawa

JU Kumamoto

JU Oita

KAA Kyoto

KCAA Minami Kyushu

LAA Shikokku

MIRIVE Saitama

USS Fukuoka

USS Kobe

USS Niigata

USS Tohoku


USS Sapporo

Arai Oyama

Isuzu Kyushu

JU Aichi

JU Gunma

JU Hiroshima

JU Kanagawa

JU Miyazaki

JU Toyama

KCAA Fukuoka


NAA Nagoya

NAA Osaka

ORIX Nagoya Tender

SAA Hamamatsu

TAA Chubu

TAA Kanto

TAA Tohoku

USS Tokyo

Zero Chubu Tender

Zero Osaka Tender

Zero Shonan Tender

Zip Osaka


Arai Bayside

HINO Hansya Tender

HINO Hidaka Tender

HINO Kobe Tender

JU Chiba

JU Fukuoka

JU Miyagi

JU Niigata

JU Okayama LAA

JU Shimane

JU Tochigi

KCAA Yamaguchi


NAA Tokyo

USS Nagoya

USS Osaka

USS Saitama

Zero Chiba Tender

Zero Hakata Tender

Zero Hokkaido Tender

Zero Sendai Tender

Isuzu Kobe


Arai VT

HAA Kobe

JU Gifu

JU Nara

JU Yamagata

JU Yamashina

NAA Nagoya Tender

TAA Hyogo

TAA Yokohama

USS Hokuriku

USS Kyushu

USS Okayama

USS Shizuoka


Zip Tokyo


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