Container Vanning

We are container vanning specialist and offer expert vanning and container loading solutions.  

Depending on the vehicle dimensions and weight, we can load between 4 ~ 6 standard sized vehicles per 40ft container.

All dunnage (loading and fastening equipment) meet int'l regulation bio-security standards and safety.

9mm steel cables with 6ton TBS (tension breaking strength) are used to suspend the upper vehicle. Rubber hoses safe guard the cable from scratching the allow wheels or paint work.

To prevent swaying movement, 25mm nylon belts (1.8ton TBS) are used to anchor the vehicle securely

As an additional safety measure, we add 9×9 wooden beams which act as a secondary catchment just in case there is any unexpected movement. (*subject to bio-security regulations)

Despite our best efforts, the open sea can be fiercely unpredictable, which is why we strongly recommend loading 4 units per container. This allows adequate spacing between the vehicles and provides the safest and surest way to prevent any in-transit damage.

*Disclaimer:  it is possible to load 5 or even 6 vehicles however this will significantly increase the risk of in-transit damage and therefore is not recommended. JAP EXPRESS does not offer any guarantee against in-transit damage when loading more than 4 units per 40ft container.     

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