Container Vanning

JAP Express offer expert vanning and container loading solutions. Our methods and procedures have earned us the reputation of unmatched safety and reliability. 

To maximize loading capacity, we first select cargo combinations based on size, weight and volume and can load upto 6 vehicles per 40ft container.

When necessary, a vehicles front or rear bumpers may be removed which is then neatly placed inside the vehicle and all screws, bolts put inside a zip-lock bag and placed in the vehicle.

Steel cables *rated 6ton TBS (tension breaking strength) are used to suspend the upper vehicle. Rubber hose cable guards will reduce the risk of the abrasive cables scratching or marking the pant workHeavy-duty turn buckles, chains and shackles (x3 per cable) are used to hold the vehicle firmly in place

To prevent side way and swaying movement, 25mm nylon belts (1.8ton TBS) are used to anchor the vehicle securely

As an additional safety measure, we add 9×9 wooden beams which act as a secondary catchment just in case there is any unexpected movement. (*subject to bio-security regulations)

Floor level vehicles have the wheels removed and are slid into the container on plastic skids, this increases the space between the upper and lower vehicles.

Plastic drip-sheets are used to cover the lower vehicles which prevent any oils or fluids dripping from the engine bay to the lower vehicle which may damage the paintwork.

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