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On-line access to all Japan Car Auctions, view 150,000 cars per week.

Here we provide direct access to all of the Japan car auctions. View thousands of cars, trucks, and commercials for sale every day --- You can access auctions daily, check recent sales results, hand-pick vehicles and place live bids, we'll do a pre-purchase inspection and then bid on the cars for you. If you're the top bidder, then we'll take care of everything and ship the car to the port nearest you. 

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How It Works


Register to our on-line Japan car auction service, your account will be set up and activated within 48 hours

View Auctions

Our view only service is free, However if you wish to place live bids you’ll need to pay a bond deposit. 

Bond Deposit

For new clients, the bond deposit is US$1000 or 25% of the intended bid value. Your deposit is secure and will be credited towards your first purchase or otherwise refunded in full should yo choose opt out.

Pay by bank T/T or by Paypal sales@jap-express.com

Place Bids

Search over 150,000 cars per week – find your car(s) and place your bid , If you get stuck or have any questions, you can ask our experienced staff via the bid notes on the auction website 


We'll translate the auc sheet to English and send you a written report of the vehicles condition pror to bidding 

Successfull Bids

If your bid is successful, you'll receive an email and invoice once the auction is over. We’ll also let you know the results of all the cars you bid on, and didn't get. 

Transport & Delivery

We'll arrange the pick up and delivery to the nearest port where your vehicle(s) will be queued for shipment. *Any vehicles which are being shipped by container or dismantled for parts will be transported to our CKD factory in Kyoto.

Shipping & Documents

We’ll take care of all the Japan side red-tape and arrange shipment on the first available vessel. Documents will be sent by express courier once payment is confirmed 


  • Which Auctions are in the KANSAI

    When buying cars for parts dismantling its best to select car from w/in the KASAI region which helps keep transport costs down. The Kansai area includes, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Gifu, Mie, Aichi and we include Nagoya which is just outside the perimeter. Transportation within the Kansai region is 10,000 ~ 12,000 yen for drivable cars.  Kansai is home to over 50 million ppl so there is no shortage of used vehicles

  • What days are best for auctions?

    Japan auctions are not held on Sundays and the Monday auctions are are fairly lite.  On Tuesday through to Saturday you can expect 25,000+ cars per day. Although most auctions have a commercial truck section the best days for trucks is Wednesday (USS Kobe & Isuzu Tokyo), Thursday (Isuzu Kyushu) , Friday (Isuzu Kobe) and Saturday (JU Gifu, ARAI VT) which are dedicated truck auctions 

  • What if I bid too much?

    Our auction service is completely transparent. Always place your max bid and if the car is bought for less then you'll pay only what we do. Say for example you bid ¥500,000 that we end up buying for ¥305,000. Your buy price is what we pay.

  • USS Auction Results

    At the end of each auction the results will automatically be posted to our website – However, the USS Auction group does not display the auction sales results, this is because local Japan dealers who equate to over 80% of the USS membership appealed to keep the auction sales data hidden. This being said, JAP Express has access to the USS post-auction sales data and will copy and paste the sale results for any vehicles bid on by our customers.

  • Searching for Accident grade cars?

    If you are specifically looking for damaged cars for repair or for parts, then set the auction search filter grade fields to zero, this will tell the system to display accident grade or damaged/repaired cars only.

  • Not sure how much to bid?

    Our on-line auction service has a price research function which enables you to see what the same or similar vehicles have sold for over the past recent months. This helps you to gauge what you should bid.

    Our system pulls past data from similar vehicles but does not account for accident damage vehicles 

  • What are the export FOB fees?

    FOB FEES for Vehicles Being Shipped  RO/RO

     0 ~ 600,000 = Y85,000 FOB

     600,001 ~ 1 mil yen = 100,000 FOB

     1mil yen ~ 1.5 mil yen = 125,000 FOB

     1.5 mil yen ~ 2 mil yen plus = 150,000 FOB

     2 mil plus = 200,000 FOB

    *For vehicles over this price range - Pls consult with your account manager 

    **The auctions charges 15,000 as a buyers sucess fee, which is added to the vehicle purchase price 

  • Can I cancel a car which has been purchased from auction?

    Yes, the auctions allow 1 hour (60 minutes) to cancel a car however the cancelation charge is approx. 75,000 to cancel. After the allocated 60 minutes the cars cannot be cancelled.

  • I placed a bid by mistake, can I cancel it?

    To cancel a bid prior to auction, you must notify us via the notes section on the auction website at least 1 hour prior. - - If you wish to cancel a bid in lesser time, pls call or txt to make sure your cancellation is seen by our bidders

  • Auction Grading System Explained?

    Each car is independently Inspected and appraised on a scale of 1 - 5  

    Grade A / -1 / 0 = Accident grade cars

    R/A = Accident repaired

    2.0 Will always be rusty often with corrosion  

    3.0 Expect the car to be fair condition

    3.5 Minor flaws but overall good

    4.0 Very clean and tidy

    4.5 Excellent condition

    5.0 As new

    The vehicles interior is also independently graded by the auction as A, B, C and D.

    Another thing to be wary of is the odometer readings. If you see any of these marks next to the odometer reading – # * $ ? beware! This means the odometer has either been wound, or the meter cluster swapped. 

  • How do I place bids?

    View Only is Free - However if you want to place live bids, you'll need to pay the bond deposit - Once you’ve paid this you can place bids on-line and we'll bid for you. You can communicate with our auction bidders in English who‘ll assist you with auc sheet translations and help guide you through the process.

  • What is a Bond Deposit ?

    View Only Access to is Free. However, if you wish to actively place live bids, then you'll need to pay a bond-deposit of Y100,000 or 25% of your bid value. Your bond deposit is secure and will be credited towards your purchase or refunded if you choose to opt out. 

    You can pay by Paypal to - Sales@jap-express.com 

  • Does JAP Express own the auction cars?

    No, we do not own the auction cars, we provide a purchase and shipping service on your behalf.