Auc Sheets Explained

The auction sheet below is an example from the USS auction network. Most of the auctions use the same or similar auction sheet. Below we'll show you how to read and translate the auc sheets.

Auction Grading

S / 6 – The car is less than 12 months old from the first registration date. The car is in AS NEW Condition. The exterior and interior are immaculate.

5 – Grage 5 are mostly for new cars less than 12 months old and have less than 3,000 kms, the unit will be in near perfect condition.

4.5 – For a used second hand vehicle this is the highest grade possible, you can be confident in bidding on any car with this grade.

4– The exterior may have some small scratches and dents. The car is in above average condition, and often has full service and maintenance records.

3.5 – This is the most common auction grade and the range of condition is quite broad. We recommend that you ask for a auc sheet translation and if necessary a physical inspection. Grades 3.5 vehicles may require standard maintenance and minor repairs.

RA – this is a car that has had MINOR accident damage and has been repaired relatively well. Aside from the minor damage and repair the condition can be as good as grade 4.5. Definitely worth an inspection! 3 – Auction grade 3 cars will have noticeable scratches/scrapes, paint blemishes, and/or large dents. They will require body work and/or painting. The interior will likely have some wear and tear, possibly cigarette burn marks, and/or stains.

R – The car has accident history and the damage may or may have not been repaired. Like grade 3.5, the range of condition is relatively broad. We recommend getting an inspection. This is a grade often associated with drift and rally cars.

2– The car is in very poor condition and often denotes the presence of corrosion holes – Definitely not recommended - PASS!

*** / 0 /無効/ Blank Grade – Any of these marks indicates one or more of the following: 1. The vehicle has not been inspected by the auction house 2. The vehicle has been in a major accident 3. The vehicle is not running 4. No claim. We can still often get inspections on these grades.

# / $ / * – Mileage not confirmed. If any of these symbols are shown next to the odometer reading, then the auction house is not able to confirm the vehicle’s mileage. This could be due to an odometer swap, 5 digit odometer or simply because it is very old. Many vehicles with unconfirmed mileage have accurate clocks, it is just an auction formality. Please have us confirm for you.

AC - A/Condition AAC - Duel A/C Climate control
FA / AT – Automatic trans F5 or F6 Manual (5-sp, 6-sp) trans
CA – Column shift S - clutch-less M/T transmission
PS – Power steering SR – Sunroof
AW – Alloy wheels PW – Power windows
TV – Television カワ・革 – Leather seats エアB – Airbag
E3 – small dents which are barely visible U1 – A dent which is the size of a thumb.
U2 – A dent which is the size of a palm U3 – A dent which is more than size U2.
Y1 – A tear which is the size of a thumb Y2 – A tear which is the size of a palm.
Y1 – A tear which is the size of a thumb Y2 – A tear which is the size of a palm.

Y3 – A tear which is more than size Y2

W1 – A panel which has repaired slightly, and is in condition.

W2 – A panel which has been repaired slightly, and has a slightly wave.

W3 – A panel which has been repaired slightly, and has a conspicuous wave.

S1 – Rust which is the size of a fist

S2 – Rust which is more than size S1.

C1 – Rust Corrosion which is the size of a fist.

C2 – Severe Rust Corrosion which is more than size C1.

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