Rack & Stack(Multi Cab)

Rack & Stack is the term used when dismantling vehicles intended for reassemble on arrival.

This process has several benefits, firstly it enables us to load up-to 15+ smaller cars trucks and vans into a single 40ft container, secondly, the cargo may attract lessor import duty and taxes being that the vehicles are technically parts and not complete vehicles and thirdly, vehicles without official export documentation may be permissible which can reduce purchase costs significantly.

The most common vehicles used for the used are Japanese kei-trucks and vans (i.e. Suzuki Carry, Every, Daihatsu Hijet , Cargo and similar cars).  As each vehicle is dismantled, the parts are carefully numbered specific to the given vehicle for easy access when reassembling.

Currently supplying customers in Philippines, Africa and the South Pacific region 

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