Auto-Parts in Bulk

Japan CKD vehicles, stripped packed and shipped by container.  

JAP Express is a bulk auto-parts export specialist. We run two fully licensed recycle and CKD (complete-knock-down) dismantling yards in Kyoto, where we provide a strip and ship bulk parts export service by container.


Here's How it Works

Contact: Email us at - we'll need your full contact details, port of destination and a list of what exactly you're looking for 

Quotation: We'll return you a quote with price and availability. We provide complete knock downs (CKD), nose cuts, half cuts, engines, suspension, all body parts, and we can also outsource a range of loose part to top up your container.  Any unwanted parts are responsibly recycled or disposed of.   Our factories are fully equipped and our staff come with 20+ years experience

Cut List & Packing: If you're happy with our quote, we'll need your cut and packing list with instructions on how you want your cars dismantled, 

Bond Deposit: To confirm an order we require a 25% bond deposit. Your deposit is secure and will be credited towards your purchase or otherwise refunded in full should you decide to opt out.   

Container Vanning:  We'll load your container neatly and professionally, to maximize loading capacity we use bio-secure approved heat-treated timber to build a top deck which enables us to load the more fragile goods safely on the upper level.   

Shipping: Once the container is loaded, we'll deliver it to the port and process all the documentation for Japan customs clearance - then ship to the port nearest you. 

Payment: final payment is due once the container is fully loaded and doors sealed. You'll receive a confirmed Packing List, Final Invoice, detailed Photos of the loading and scanned copy of the B/L 

Ocean Freight: shipping can either be pre-paid or collect.  We have strong ties with the shipping lines so we'll help negotiate the best freight deal for you 

Follow Up: All required documents including shipping B/Ls quarantine declarations will be sent to you by express courier.