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Any part for Any Japanese Car built in the past 25 years, delivered to your door w/in 5 days - Try us.

If you’re looking for Japanese OEM factory parts and need them urgently, then you’ve come to the right place. JAP Express is an auto-parts guru, We have direct access to all the Japan new car parts-departments and can supply any part for any car/truck/bus or commercial vehicle built in the past 25 years.

OEM Parts Finder  https://partsfan.com/

Contact Us: Send us the vehicle VIN or part number and we'll return you a quote inclusive of delivery.

All our parts are genuine factory parts and we guarantee to pinpoint accuracy with delivery within 5 days.*

Not sure of the VIN or part number? No worries, contact us and we'll help you locate it.  

Quote: We'll source the part and then send you a quote inclusive of delivery 

Payment: If you're happy with the quote then we'll send you an invoice for payment. For ease of payment, you can pay to our bank transfer or Paypal.  We also have accounts in both NZ and Aus. 

Delivery: We'll dispatch the package by EMS or DHL and send you the tracking number so you can track the whereabouts of your delivery at any time. In most cases, you can expect delivery w/in 5 working day 

Guarantee: 100% guarantee the parts to be genuine factory OEM parts and will match the supplied VIN perfectly or your money back in full. - No-fuss, no stress.

There are thousands of cars, auto parts, and accessories available on Japan's Yahoo auction. Here we display the Yahoo auction data in English and provide a worldwide buying and delivery service. You can search the yahoo auction then send us the link, we'll buy it for you, re-pack and send it by air-freight, or otherwise, load it into your container as inner cargo. 

Service & handling Fees

The Purchase price, pick up and delivery to us, and the Y800 yen Japan bank transfer fee are all charged at net cost. 
Our Service & Handling Fee --- for items less than Y20,000 is plus Y4,000

Our Service & Handling Fee --- for items greater than Y20,000 is plus 20% 

*Plus international delivery by EMS or DHL air-freight express courier

All Items being sent air-freight will be re-packed to ensure safety during transit and also to reduce overall size and weight - Please read our warning on fragile items below in the FAQ's 

Click below or email us at partsman@jap-express.com   

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  • Car Keys & Remote Immobilizers

    In an effort to stop vehicle theft, Japan suppliers will no longer supply keys or immobilizers for any vehicle unless we can prove that are the last registered owner. If JAP Express shipped the car then we have sufficient documentation to prove this and yes we can assist.  However, if you've sourced the vehicle elsewhere then cannot. 

  • Fragile Parts (Warning)

    Although we ensure careful package and handling prior to dispatch, we have no way of controlling what happens after the package leaves our depo. For this reason, fragile parts such as glass, head  and tail lamps are supplied All care No responsibility basis 

  • Express Parts - Any restricted parts?

    Apart from the obvious, flammables, hazardous, explosives etc, it's also prohibited to air-freight any product which contains compressed gas, this includes airbags, shock absorbers, pre-tensioner seatbelts etc.

  • How I Track The Delivery?

    We'll send you w an EMS or DHL tracking number which you can use to trace the whereabouts of your delivery at any time via our website.  

  • Do You Supply Used Parts ?

    Yes, we are auto parts guru's and can supply both NEW and USED parts. 

  • How long will the Delivery take?

    In most cases we can deliver w/in 5 days providing the package is less than 30kgs and smaller than 1.5 meters in length. We use EMS or DHL express air-freight service.

  • Will the Parts Be Correct ?

    All parts are ordered and supplied in accordance to your vehicles chassis or VIN number. We offer a 100% money back guarantee that the parts will fit the VIN number provided