Swivel Seats Hiace 180°

Introducing a brand new swivel seat bracket system built specifically for the Toyota Hiace & Regius 200 series Only (2004 ---> 2017)


Perfect for van-life, mobile-homers or the RV sector, this product is game-changer when it comes to the internal layout and design. 


Bolts straight under the existing seats to allow for a 180° reverse facing position and instantly turns otherwise dead space into usable functional space.…


100% made in Japan and ADR certified - installation is simple and takes 15 -  20 minutes.

We currently hold stock in Japan ONLY - express delivery by EMS or DHL to either AUS or NZ will cost Y25,000 per seat and in most cases you can expect delivery within 12 ~ 15 days of payment - - For other countries pls ask.  

Cost:  @ JPY 88,000 p/each  *plus delivery - Bracket systems weigh 14kgs, air-freight @ approx Y25,000 p/each  






  ¥        88,000

 ¥          25,000

 ¥         113,000

NZD    (.78)

 $    1,128.20

 $         320.50

 $        1,448.70

AUD   (.80)

 $    1,100.00

 $          312.50

 $        1,412.50

USD   (.110)

  $        800.00

 $          227.27

 $        1,027.25


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  • My Van has a double front passenger seat?

    The drivers seat is always a single independent seat, however is some vans the passenger seat comes as a double seat, to enable a passenger to sit in the middle. Our swivel seat bracket do NOT fit the double seat configurations.  *You will need to swap the double seat for a single one.  

  • What about the center console

    The center console (aka the center arm rest box between the front 2 seats) must be removed to allow for the 180° rotation of the seats. 

  • Can they be modified to fit other vehicles?

    No, they are purpose built for the Toyota 200 series Hiace / Regius vehicles only. They fit single seat configurations only.  

    *Weight is 12.5kgs and will raise your seating position by 15mm.

  • ARD Certification?

    Yes they are ADR Certified by SAPID in QLD Report no. CCC-SR1 (Certified on 5 Dec 2017) Cert No. BJHAFRK  

  • Can I install them myself?

    Yes, requires a few simple tools including a 10mm & 12mm socket and will take approx 20 minutes - - Fitting instructions will be included in the package