Auto-Parts in Bulk

  • What is Drayage?

    Drayage is the cost to transport a container from the port to our yard for loading, and then returning it to the port ready for shipping. Drayage costs Y125,000 ~ Y150,000  per container (depending on distance, location and weekend or public holidays)  

  • Auto parts by container?

    Yes, We run 2 CKD recycle and dismantling factories here in Kyoto, We strip, Load and Ship container 

  • How many CKD cars will fit into a Container?

    Fully dismantled we can fit 12 cars into a 20Ft and approx. 25 - 30 in a 40ft 

  • What's a Cut List:

    A cut list is a list of instructions telling us how you want each car to be dismantled and what parts you want included or discarded

  • Engines , Transmissions and Suspension

    We stock hundreds of engine/transmissions for sale and we can also out source them from our supplier network which can added to your order

  • Nose Cuts , Half Cuts and CKD

    Nose Cuts: We cut through the chassis rails and supply the entire front end complete. 

     Half Cuts: We remove the front glass and cut through the A & B pillar , then we pull back the carpet and cut across the floor giving you a complete front half of the vehicle

     Stripped our Body Shell: The benefits of completely stripping out a body shell is that it may enable you to import the vehicle as parts, and then reassemble the vehicle on arrival*  

  • Prohibited Items

    Flammables, Battery’s, Pre-tensioner Seatbelts, SRS Airbags are prohibited 

  • Recycle Certificates

    Every Half-Cut or Stripped-Out vehicle must have an accompanying ‘recycle certificate’ to clear Japan side customs. In order to get a recycle certificate it is mandatory to surrender ALL of SRS Air-bags and Pre-tensioner seatbelts of that vehicle.  

  • Shipping & Japan Side Customs

    We handle all the red-tape and documentation required to have  your container pass safely through Japan customs and cleared for shipment.  

  • Warranty on Engines

    JAP Express sells allot of engines domestically, and offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all Japan sold engines , simply return the goods for a full refund. 

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