Container Vanning

  • How many cars can you load per continer?


  • What fastening and support materials are used when loading?

    All of our container fastening products meet int'l biosecurity and ISPM15 standards. (Steel, Nylon, ISPMI5 certified timber products only) 

  • Can we mix and match the goods inside the container?

    Yes, some of our clients add motorcycles, cars. auto-parts , tyres etc etc - In simple terms yes ca can load anything providing its legal 

  • How much does it cost?

    When shipping by container there is a drayage fee (cost to pick up the container from port, deliver to loading yard then return to port) and loading fee per vehicle.  Drayage will cost between 125,000 ~ 150,000 and the loading fee is 15,000 per vehicle. *Negotiable pending volume. 

  • What is the benifit of shipping cars by container rather than Ro/Ro?

    Depending on size, we can load up to 6 cars per complete container which  can save you thousnads compared to shippin the same number of cars by ro/ro 

    Some delivery ports are in shallow water which do not allow ro/ro vessel access. Furthermore, some vehicle require trans-shipment or cartage by rail to in-land areas which is safer and easier when the cars containerized.  

  • Marine Insurance & Claims

    All care and expertise is afforded when loading your container, However the open sea can be extremally unpredictable which is why we ship all containers with marine insurance* In the rare and unlikely event where in-transit damage occurs, You must provide satisfactory photo and video evidence to prove that damage did in-fact happen during transit.

    From our 20 years experience, container damage is more often caused during the devanning (unloading) process. To ensure absolute care is given during devanning, we strongly recommend that you the consignee be present during the unloading and follow these steps;  

    1. Be present prior to the container doors being opened

    2. If you notice any damage, you must take clear photos before attempting to unload the container

    3. You should also take a video whilst they remove the cars 

    4. Send photo of the container door showing the containers allotted number

    5. Contact your account manager immediately 

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