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Answer: JAP EXPRESS is a Kyoto based export company specializing in exporting Cars, Motorcycles & Auto-Parts - We are also steering conversion specialists, and convert vehicles from RHD to LHD

Answer: Yes we do, we provide direct on-line access to all Japan auctions and provide a buy and shipping service on your behalf

Answer: All parts are ordered and supplied according to your vehicles chassis or VIN number, which assures the parts will be 100% correct. We also offer a 100% money back gaurentee that the parts will fit perfectly or your money back

Answer: For express parts we can deliver w/in 3 - 5 days providing the package is less than 30kgs and smaller than 1.5 meters in length. We use EMS or DHL express air-freight service.

Answer: Yes, we are auto parts specialists and can supply both NEW and USED parts. All of our parts are genuine factory products. We do not sell knock off or replica parts.

Answer: Yes, We have direct links to all car manufacture departments and can supply any OEM part for any car built within the past 25 years.

Answer: We will provide you with an EMS or DHL tracking number which you can use to trace the whereabouts of your delivery at any time via our website. For container tracking we recommend this website

Answer: Access to car auctions is free. However, if you wish to actively place bids, then you'll need to pay a bond-deposit of Y100,000 or 20% of your bid value. Your bond deposit will of course be credited towards your purchase.

Answer: If a car does not sell – we can negotiate the purchase via a service called shodan which in Japanese means to negotiate. The minimum offer must be 20,000 yen above the highest bid, which is then up to the seller to accept or reject the offer.

Answer: You can place proxy bids, but the actual bidding is done by our trained bidders. We’ll set you up with a personal account where you can view the daily auctions.

Answer: Our auction View Only service is FREE however to place active bids you’ll need to pay a bond deposit of Y100,000 (US$1000) or 25% of the bid value.

Answer: Once you’ve paid the bond deposit, you can place bids and our trained staff will do the bidding for you. You can communicate with our auction bidders who‘ll happily assist you with auc sheet translations and help guide you through the process.

Answer: Yes, each car is independently appraised on a scale of 1 - 5 prior to auction – cars are checked for odometer discrepancies and accident repaired, flood damaged must be disclosed by law. See auction grading in the footer list for more details

Answer: To cancel a bid prior to auction, you must notify us via the notes section on the auction website at least 1 hour prior. - - If you wish to cancel a bid in lesser time, pls call or txt to make sure your cancellation is seen by the bidders

Answer: Yes, the auctions allow 1 hour (60 minutes) to cancel a car however they charge approx. 75,000 to cancel. (actual amount varies depending on auction) – After the allocated 60 minutes cars cannot be cancelled.

Answer: For ro/ro shipped vehicles, our FOB fees are on a slide scale depending on the auction purchase price; 0 ~ 600,000 = Y85,000 FOB 600,001 ~ 1 mil yen = 100,000 FOB 1mil yen ~ 1.5 mil yen = 125,000 FOB 1.5 mil yen ~ 2 mil yen plus

Answer: Drayage is the cost to transport a container form the port to our yard for loading, and then returning it to the port ready for shipping. Drayage cost Y110,000 per container regardless of size

Answer: Yes, but restrictions apply. All the cars must be at least 25 years old. Cars of this age are classified as vintage/collectors which permits them to be imported.

Answer: Yes, Apart from the obvious, flammables, hazardous, explosives etc, it's also prohibited to air-freight any product which contains compressed gas, this includes airbags, shock absorbers, pre-tensioner seatbelts etc.

Answer: Yes, We run 2 recycle and dismantling factories here in Kyoto, where we strip car parts and export by container -

Answer: Yes – but the cost to ship 1 bike on its own is expensive and not viable - Japan domestic sales welcomed

Answer: Yes, we specialize in shipping full container loads of motorcycles. Depending on size, we can fit approx. 30 - 40 units in a 20ft and 80 plus in a 40 footer. We’ve shipped to East Timor, Beirut, Dominica, Cambodia, Maldives etc.

Answer: Introducing a brand new swivel seat bracket system built specifically for the Toyota Hiace 200 series (Toyota Hiace’s 2004 onward) Perfect for van-life, mobile-homers or the RV sector. Fits TOYOTA HIACE 200 series ONLY

Answer: Q. Easy to install? - A. Yes, requires a few simple tools and takes 15 ~ 20 minutes - - Q. ADR certified? - A. Yes - Q. Where are they made? - A. 100% made in Japan -- Q. Price ? - A. JPY 85,000 | AUD $950.00 | NZD $1,250.00 (incl's delivery)

Answer: We offer a pre-export LHD steering conversion service for shipment to countries and islands throughout the Caribbean and W.I region. *See this link for more info.

Answer: English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic

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